Keep Up and Running

Slow networks, poor performing software or hardware, or security breaches can keep your business from staying open and profitable. We have been helping businesses, schools, and churches for over two decades with their Apple-centric networks, offering a variety of services to make sure you can focus on what really matters- running your organization. Contact us to see how we can offload your IT services, save you time and money, and solve various problems that your organization faces.

  • Managed IT Services

    Resolve potential issues before they impact your business. With 24/7/365 support, we deliver end point and end user support to make sure your hardware, servers, and software are maintained, updated and optimized to minimize down-time and keep your business running fast and reliable.

  • Virtual CIO/CTO

    Technology is constantly changing. Do you have anyone dedicated to making sure your tech is being optimized and maximized to serve your organization? Get high level IT support and direction to help you manage budgets and keep your organization running with the best tech possible.

  • Network and Infrastruture

    Whether improving WiFi coverage and capacity, setting up and migrating cloud services, setting up VPN access, separating VLAN traffic, monitoring intrusion detection, or providing on-premise file and email services, our systems engineers have it covered. We make sure your network and services do what you need them to.

  • Help Desk Support

    Our ongoing services come with unlimited help desk for your employees. We have a call-back ticketing system that allows your employees to get faster remote support. Don’t let any problem keep you from running your company efficiently and reliably.   

  • Security Services

    As technology continually changes, you must be vigilant to keep your data and hardware secure. We will proactively secure your servers, network, and devices from malicious malware, phishing, viruses, and ransomware and can remove anything so your data stays secure.

  • Remote Work Optimization

    Do you have remote workers? Are you concerned with the productivity of remote work? Are you frustrated by dropped video calls, or slow performing collaborated work? Get tailored solutions to support your remote workers so they can have enterprise-grade IT support from their home office. 

  • What's included in Managed Services?

    Managed services is PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE. We customize the right managed service plan for our clients. We do this by meeting with our clients and getting to know their pain points around IT and then offer solutions for their business. 

  • Do you service PC’s?

    We have certain capacity to support different levels of service requirements including some PC support. Please contact us for details. 

  • What are your rates?

    Our managed services are billed monthly, and the monthly service rates will vary depending on your total service requirements. Please contact us so we can discuss your IT needs. 

  • Do you offer Device Management?

    Yes. We can help you manage your Apple devices with Apple Business Manager (DEP). Please contact us for more information. 

  • Do you have special Apple Repair Service pricing?

    Yes, our retail stores offer Apple Warranty and out of warranty repair options including data recovery. These services can be worked into your service plan.

  • Do you support or offer third-party products or services?

    Yes. We resell Adobe, Microsoft, Dropbox, Box, and Cisco Merkai products, to name a few. 

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