Trade-In Device

Here are our most frequently asked questions with device trade-in. If you have another one, contact us or stop by one of our stores and we would be happy to help.

  • How much is my device worth?

    Each device must be looked at and had diagnostics run to give you an accurate quote. Tablets will always get a minimum of $25 towards a new iPad and computers will get a minimum of $50 towards a new Mac.

  • Can I trade-in more than one device?

    Absolutely! Every device you trade-in can give you a credit towards a new device. However, it is a one-to-one scenario. You cannot trade in 3 devices and apply the credit to one new device. You can trade in 3 devices towards 3 new devices.

  • How long does the diagnostic/inspection take?

    When you bring your device in, we will give you a quote for the maximum your device is worth. However, you will need to leave your device with us for a minimum of 24 hours to have our techs look at it. Our front counter specialists can give you the exact time needed to get it assessed.

  • If you order me something, do I have to leave my device with you in order to get credit?

    No. You can take your device with you. Once our techs give you an exact quote on your device, you can take your device with you and order a new device. You will pay the full amount, and then once the new device comes in, bring in your old device and as long as it is in the same condition, we will credit the money back to you.

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