About Us

We started the MacExperience in 2001 with one simple mission: to keep our customers connected. We are here to solve your IT problems, whether that is getting you a new Mac, repairing your phone, or designing a network from scratch, so you can accomplish your dreams and stay connected to those you care about. How can we help you?

  • 12,000+ Happy Clients

  • 180+ Years of Experience

  • 100,000+ Repairs

  • 200+ Businesses Served

20+ Years in Business

MacExperience is locally owned and operated. We began in 2001 with the sole purpose to support our community and businesses with their Apple devices and IT needs. We are confident we have what you need to KEEP YOU CONNECTED.

  • We Repair your Devices

    We repair any Apple device in or out of warranty. We fix:

    • Broken Screens/Displays
    • Charging Issues
    • Water Damage
    • Failed Hard Drive
    • Freezing or Crashing Computers
    • Software Issues
    • Malware
    • Data Recovery
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  • We Sell New or Pre-Owned

    When you are ready for something new or pre-owned, we have you covered. We sell:

    • MacBook Pros/Airs
    • iMacs
    • iPads
    • AirPods
    • Keyboards
    • Cords and Accessories
    • Back up Hard Drives
    • Covers and Cases
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  • We Support your Business

    When you need to upgrade and optimize your tech, we would love to help. We can:

    • Deliver Managed IT Services
    • Improve WIFI and Network Infrastructure
    • Set Up VPN Access
    • Monitor Hardware and Keep Software Up To Date
    • Keep Your Company Secure and Connected
    • Provide Remote CIO/CTO Services
    Learn More about our Business Services 
  • We Support You

    We offer Cloud services and Training to maximize your technology. We have:

    • Priority Protection Services
    • Express Repair Services          
    • Training
    • Software Licenses
    • Back up Services
    • End to End User Support
  • Apple Premium Service Provider

    We work closely with Apple to ensure we are delivering the same level of quality (or better) that you would get from them in Cupertino – right here in Indiana.

  • Friendly People Who Care

    Our staff are committed to providing great customer service– from asking lots of questions before giving recommendations to having a clean, safe environment to interact in.

  • Experienced Certified Pros

    MacExperience Apple Certified technicians are the best in the industry and know your Apple device inside and out.

  • Environmentally Responsible

    Our logo isn’t the only thing that’s green! All computer waste generated by MacExperience is recycled. We also offer a free computer recycling service.

  • Open to All

    MacExperience strives to create an inclusive atmosphere. Our business will not turn you away based on your sexual orientation, gender, race, disability or political/religious affiliation.

  • We Respect Your Time

    We know you’re busy. More importantly, we respect that you’re busy, and we will do our best to make sure your issues are solved as quickly as humanly possible.