Computers crash at the worst possible times

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a computer crashing in the middle of saving an important document, not being able to respond to a time-sensitive business decision, or simply waiting forever for a website to load? What if your computer could detect and prevent issues before they become major problems?

Welcome to MacExperience Priority Protection.

  • Stop Crashes Before They Happen

  • Priority Service for All Repairs

  • Real-Time Alerts to Potential Hardware Issues

  • Active Protection

    Our software includes 24/7 Hardware Analysis, HD Space Status, Back-up Monitoring and Basic Malware Detection on your Mac.

  • Priority Service

    Don’t worry about having to run your own reports. You will get alerted to issues before they become problems on your personalized Dashboard. 

  • Threat Alerts

    Don’t worry about having to run your own reports. You will get alerted to issues before they become problems on your personalized Dashboard. 

  • 1: Install the App

    Once we build your personal dashboard, we will email you a link to install your App on your Mac.

  • 2: Get Notified of Potential Issues

    Our software will automatically email you of potential issues affecting the performance of your computer.

  • 3: Schedule A Repair

    Easily schedule an in-store appointment for your computer directly from your app or online dashboard.

  • 4: Skip the Line

    Skip the Standard Queue with Priority Protection and get your computer back fast.

  • How does Priority Protection work?

    Priority Protection is a software you install on your Mac. Like a dashboard in your car, you will get access to basic diagnostics for a number of components and systems. You will then be emailed if any issues arise.

  • Will this show every problem I will face?

    No software is perfect, but this will show the majority of any issues that may arise that would affect the hardware or performance of your Mac.

  • Can I change my subscription level?

    Yes, you can add more devices to your subscription at any time. Simply contact us to upgrade.

  • Is my data private?

    100%. Priority Protection does not monitor or keep track of your data. It simply tracks the performance of your hardware.

  • What kind of alerts will I receive?

    Priority Protection will alert you on battery issues, network connectivity issues, kernel panics, disk mount errors, hard drive health, hard drive space, basic malware detection, back up failures, and more.

  • What devices do you support?

    We currently support all Mac computers. At this time, we are not able to support iOS devices. If you have PC computers you would like support for, contact us for a custom solution.

  • How will I know if my Mac is in good shape?

    Each report has three alerts. If everything is good, you get a green checkmark. If you have an issue that should be looked at but doesn’t critically affect performance, you will get an orange “!”, and if you have critical issues, you will get a red “!”.

  • Can I check the status of my computer on another computer?

    Yes. If you have a group of computers, whoever is the admin user can log on and run a report for any computer in your group.

  • How do I access my dashboard?

    You will see our logo appear in your menu bar where you will get links to view your dashboard, learn how to read your dashboard and easily schedule a repair.

Need more than 5 devices covered? Check out our business services and schedule a free consultation to create a custom solution for you.

Why shop with us?

We started the MacExperience in 2001 with one simple mission: to keep our customers connected. We are here to solve your IT problems, whether that is getting you a new Mac, repairing your phone, or designing a network from scratch, so you can accomplish your dreams and stay connected to those you care about. How can we help you?

  • 12,000+ Happy Clients

  • 180+ Years of Experience

  • 100,000+ Repairs

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  • Apple Premium Service Provider

    We work closely with Apple to ensure we are delivering the same level of quality (or better) that you would get from them in Cupertino – right here in Indiana.

  • Friendly People Who Care

    Our staff are committed to providing great customer service– from asking lots of questions before giving recommendations to having a clean, safe environment to interact in.

  • Experienced Certified Pros

    MacExperience Apple Certified technicians are the best in the industry and know your Apple device inside and out.

  • Open to All

    MacExperience strives to create an inclusive atmosphere. Our business will not turn you away based on your sexual orientation, gender, race, disability or political/religious affiliation.

  • Environmentally Responsible

    Our logo isn’t the only thing that’s green! All computer waste generated by MacExperience is recycled. We also offer a free computer recycling service.

  • We Respect Your Time

    We know you’re busy. More importantly, we respect that you’re busy, and we will do our best to make sure your issues are solved as quickly as humanly possible.