Maps in Everyday Life

Maps in Everyday Life

My wife asked me the other day if there was a faster route to get home. I didn't know, I was just driving the way I always do from Franklin to Anderson. Take 44 east to 65 North, jump on 465 and head up the east side. From there I get on 69 North, go past Pendleton and take exit 226 on to 9 North. No big deal. But she said she uses her Apple Maps everywhere she goes so that....

"Wait, what?" "Everywhere?" "Why?"

I was confused. Did she not know how to get to work, church, the grocery store, her sister’s house? She drives to those places all the time. Why would she get her phone out and punch in an address?

It turns out she uses Maps so that it will redirect her for the quickest route, which is cool, I guess. If you're someone in a hurry, always late, or want to arrive early, then use Maps with traffic engaged so that you always have the quickest route available. In the case of my wife, it's because she is usually late, but don't tell her I told you (I like my marriage).

Apparently there are kids out there who have always used Apple Maps and don’t know how to get home from college, work, or their friend’s house without it.

So here we are a few months later after the wife told me about it, and I still don't use Maps for places I've already been. I typically leave so that I can be at my destination 15 minutes early. And if there is a lot of traffic, like the backup I was in on Friday, I just sit back in the right hand lane and consider it a break from life.

How do you roll? Maps on or Maps off? Tell Us Here.

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