Coffee That Doesn’t Suck

Coffee That Doesn’t Suck

Each day at MacExperience in Castleton, we make a small pot of coffee on a little 5-cup Mr. Coffee maker (not a sponsor). This little machine is not the Bunn (not a sponsor) nor the Nespresso (not a sponsor) I have at home.  I’m a firm believer in my Bunn and Nespresso machines but we haven’t had much of a need to upgrade.  We have this little Mr. Coffee machine, which one can buy for $19.95, and I’m OK with it; it suits our purposes.

The water one uses while making coffee is important.  In many offices, people use tap water, and that will ruin the taste and the machine you’re using.  We’re fortunate that we have a water cooler with reverse osmosis water available.  If you are one of those that use tap water to make coffee, you can improve your coffee flavor with this one tip: use purified/reverse osmosis water. (You’re welcome).

The coffee itself changes, I typically bring in Eight O’Clock (not a sponsor) Columbian Peaks.  Lately, Chris has been bringing in Frederik’s (not a sponsor) Vanilla Creme Brûlée. These are not the best coffees out there, but remember we’re not trying to make the best cup possible, we’re just making coffee that doesn’t suck.

The last thing we use are coffee mugs.  This is important to the overall experience with coffee.  Drinking from a paper cup with a plastic lid just doesn’t cut it.  The aroma of the coffee needs to be enjoyed, and a lid prevents that precious smell from coming into your nose and sending you into coffee heaven. Also, there is something to be said about the feel of a coffee mug in your hand and against your lips.  We even have a glass mug in the store for the person who likes the look of the coffee.  Now that my mustache is back in full swing, I’ll be bringing in my coffee mug with mustache protection built-in.

The key takeaway here is that we enjoy coffee, we’ve found what to do, how to make it, and what to use so that our coffee doesn’t suck.

One more thing: don’t let the coffee sit on the warmer. Make the pot, pour your cup and one for your buddy. Coffee that sits on the warmer becomes burnt. Nobody likes burnt toast and nobody likes burnt coffee.

How do you like your coffee at the office? Tell us.

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