Cameras and the Pandemic

Cameras and the Pandemic

All of us have a pandemic story. Some are amazing feats of strength, will power, loss, hurt, or laughter. Some of us just lived a boring life of video streaming and thinking we wouldn't owe the government the money they "gave" us.

My story is as follows:

MacExperience was busy, crazy busy. Like, working 14 hour days and coming in on Saturday even though we're closed busy. If you came in for service during that time, I'm sorry it took so long.

Anyway, back to my story. We took a Saturday to ride my motorcycle. My wife ended up breaking her ankle. I got Covid. So, our kids were taking care of us. Thankfully my wife recognizes it wasn’t me that broke her ankle, it was her own fault for putting her foot down. And my kids weren’t little during this time, they’re grown adults (man, I’m old).

The kids went to Kroger to get Thanksgiving dinner that we ate on paper plates. Church went to online viewing, which was crazy because no one knew how to do it. We're not getting together with our neighbors, family or friends. My skin was dry from all the hand sanitizer. You remember, you were right there with me.

But thanks to cameras, FaceTime, Zoom, and more, I was able to interact with people in a whole new way. I remember talking to the people at church about using a phone to stream to Facebook. “Don’t overthink it,” I said. It was great! I still saw my dad and mom thanks to FaceTime. I started to talk with them more than I ever had. Thanks to the camera on my phone, I started to see more people than I ever had on the weekends.

You can make fun of me for being old-school, my carbs on the motorcycle, or my wind-up watch, but I’m thankful for technology. Something originally made to take pictures transformed the isolation the pandemic could have caused, allowing me to stay connected with the ones I cared about.

How did you use your camera during the pandemic? Did it change how you do business? Did it change how you connect with friends and family? Was there another form of technology that impacted you?

I want to know. Share your story with us.

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