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Hard Drive

Running out of room for photos and documents?

Hard drive malfunctioning?

Ready for a faster computer?

Consider upgrading your hard drive.

Hard drives act as long-term memory for your computer and come in a variety of storage sizes and speeds.  

With the introduction of solid state drives (SSD), a whole new level of system performance, reliability, and speed are available to any Apple computer, especially older, slower ones. We offer a full range of SSDs that can bring new life and value to any 2007 or newer Mac, allowing you optimal use for your trusty machine.

Call, email, or visit one of our locations to find out which drive best suits your needs.  


Computer too slow when multiple applications are open?

Unable to open as many applications as you need?

It could be time to add more RAM.

RAM acts as short-term memory for your computer. The more RAM you have installed, the better your computer will multitask.  Call, email, or visit one of our locations to find out your RAM upgrade options.*

*RAM upgrades available in select models.


Depending on which machine you own, other ways of optimizing your computer may be available:

  • RAID- Update when you need more room. Ideal for businesses and those in video production.
  • External hard drives - Get more space for storage when you need it. Ideal for backups and external storage.