Reduce, Reuse...

Why Reuse?

Help us reduce e-waste

MacExperience is committed to both the environment and our communities by helping to reduce e-waste in our landfills across the country, conserving natural resources, and providing access to less costly technology to those who need it. By trading in or recycling aging, unwanted technology, you become our valued partner in these efforts and you even have the chance to make some money in the process.

What Can Be Traded In?

Anything, Really

Our technicians will determine the fair market value of the used technology. You can trade in any notebook or desktop computer (Mac or PC), and any iPad or iPhone.

Get Started:

Step 1: Select the button below to proceed to the form.

Step 2: Fill out the quote form.

The form will then be submitted to the nearest MacExperience technician to you. A response typically occurs within 1-2 business days.

Step 3: Receive an approximate quote, via email.

Before you come into the store, we can give you an approximate quote via email. The final offer may be more or less, depending on a visual inspection of the item's condition.

Step 4: Visit the MacExperience location nearest you.

After your item is tested and evaluated (approx. 2-3 business days), you will either receive a check (mailed within 14 business days), or receive instant in-store credit.

Have more questions?

Visit our FAQ page to find out more...