How to pin an app to a specific Mission Control Desktop

How to pin an app to a specific Mission Control Desktop   You can assign an app to a specific desktop in Mission Control—perfect for keeping your programs in their proper “spaces,” particularly when you’re booting up your Mac.   Before we begin, something to keep in mind: this trick applies only to apps running ...
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Families and Apple ID’s

Dear Dad, Mom, and children, Do you ever get frustrated with your Apple Devices sharing content, pictures, texts, and apps with other family members? We examine a few scenarios and give some sound advice to solve these conundrums. [quote author=”Mom” bar=”true” align=”left” width=”full”]Every time my daughter downloads an app, it shows up on my phone ...
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Weather Apps

  Punxsutawney Phil might be a weather forecasting groundhog but who has time to wait on him.  Lets look as some great iPad apps that will keep you informed of what to wear when you go outside.     Magical Weather [button href=”″ target=”_blank” size=”small” left_icon=”” color=”#4bb048″ caption=””]$0.99 Buy[/button] Magical Weather gives a balance between ...
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