Imaging, deployment, and device management for your Mac labs and one-to-one (1:1) initiatives

Whereas enterprise has been slow to adopt the Mac, schools have seen the educational value in Apple hardware and software since the release of the Apple in the 1980s. Today, you can venture into many schools across the nation and see that Macintosh labs or one-to-one iPad deployments are commonplace.  

School districts are entitled to education pricing through an Apple representative, but are oftentimes looking for a local support provider for break/fix service, routine maintenance, or accidental damage repair. Many schools' IT resources are stretched thin.  

MacExperience can help automate complex tasks like imaging dozens of machines in a few hours, or preparing, supervising, and assigning iPads. We work with schools of all types and sizes, including public, charter, private, primary, secondary, and college. Let us know if you are looking for an E-rate proposal to help expand your growing technology needs.