Managed Services

Supporting your infrastructure, endpoints, and end users.

The convergence of cloud services, bring-your-own device, and work-from-anywhere have created unique challenges for managing your IT. Never before has the network backbone been so important, and when the network is down, productivity comes to a grinding halt. Users are bringing new device types to the workplace, and often don't come to the workplace to work, both of which create new support challenges. Who do you contact when the network is down, and how do you support all of your devices and end users?

MacExperience has responded to industry changes by providing Managed Services, an approach to I.T. that brings value to every type of business, school, and organization. We are a trusted I.T. partner that can fill in the gaps of your I.T. support needs with infrastructure and device management, desktop support, and a global help desk. Our professional services team has a broad and diverse background in networks, servers, vendor support, inventory management, security, web and mail, data integrity, databases, and device support.


Whether improving WiFi coverage and capacity, setting up VPN access, separating VLAN traffic, monitoring intrusion detection, providing on-premise file and mail services, or migrating to and integrating with a cloud vendor, our systems engineers have it covered. We make sure your network and services do what you need them to; the only concern you will have is noticing that access is fast and reliable.

Endpoint Management

We care for your technology devices and ease your concerns. We take the worry away and monitor devices, keep your software up to date, are vigilant about ensuring your company stays secure from malware and phishing, and we make sure your valuable data is safe.

End Users

We provide support for what your users need most: staying online and staying productive.  We have support tiers for business hours, after hours, and offer a 24/7/365 helpdesk support for both Mac and PC.

Assessment • Monitoring • Management • Helpdesk • MDM