Customer Payment Portal

Automate your entire customer payment process

The Customer Payment Portal (CPP) eliminates the need for an employee to manually process customer credit card information. The CPP encourages your customers to pay on-time by offering them the convenience of viewing their outstanding invoices online, and allowing them to pay outstanding balances via credit card.

Effortlessly embed the Payment Portal on your website.

  • Get Paid Faster — Enable your customers to view their outstanding balance, download PDF’s of outstanding invoices, and pay via credit card.

  • Boost Efficiency — Eliminate the need for employees to manually process credit card information over the phone.

  • Automate — Your customer’s invoices automatically populate from PIMS. No manual entry needed.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction — Enable your customers to view their invoices as soon as they are posted.

  • Secure & PCI Compliant — All transactions are secured by bank-level encryption. No credit card information is stored within PIMS or the MacExperience Cloud.