As a business, you understand brand value, and Apple is a brand leader in personal computing, smart phones, tablets, wearables, and content delivery. At MacExperience, we have enthusiastically championed the Apple brand since 2001, and no one is in a better position to guide you through sales, service, and support decisions for your Apple branded hardware, software, and services.

Whether you are deciding on a computer in the MacBook line, on an iPad, an iMac vs. Retina 4K, have a broken device, or wonder if it is a good idea to tie iCloud to all of your devices, our in-store specialists and technicians have all the answers you need – Apple-Authorized support, without the long lines.

Whether improving WiFi coverage and capacity, setting up VPN access, separating VLAN traffic, monitoring intrusion detection, providing on-premise file and mail services, or migrating to and integrating with a cloud vendor, our systems engineers have it covered. We make sure your network and services do what you need them to; the only concern you will have is noticing that access is fast and reliable.
At MacExperience, we do more than just support the Apple brand. We provide technology solutions to support your Mac-centric business. MacExperience has become a trusted IT partner for many small to medium size customers spanning various market segments such as creative, ad agency, marketing, brand management, law, medical, non-profit, religious, museum, investment, photography, professional sports, entertainment, and various retail. Just like you, they have limited resources to manage their IT, and have discovered that outsourced IT is a more value-driven approach that provides a broader level of expertise.
We care for your technology devices and ease your concerns. We take the worry away and monitor devices, keep your software up to date, are vigilant about ensuring your company stays secure from malware and phishing, and we make sure your valuable data is safe.
MacExperience can help automate complex tasks like imaging dozens of machines in a few hours, or preparing, supervising, and assigning iPads. We work with schools of all types and sizes, including public, charter, private, primary, secondary, and college. Let us know if you are looking for an E-rate proposal to help expand your growing technology needs.
Our company has provided services in the field of human resource development, education, management and strategic decision-making since 2003. We actively keep track of new scientific findings, technologies and trends, and build our processes
We have listened to the needs of churches both large and small, and can offer a unique complement of services to handle networks, data, email, endpoints, and end user support. Smaller churches may need outsourced IT; whereas, larger churches with existing IT staff are looking for a Mac based support partner. Churches of all sizes are often wanting to provide deeper network support, from weekend services to middle of the week gatherings. We can help.