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Some things are just part of the life — oversleeping and missing class, spilling your coffee, cracking your phone screen. MacExperience has you covered on one of those, at least. Sign up to save on your next iPhone repair.

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The fine print & things to know...

*Same-day service is available for iPhone 6s or newer models.

*Only available at MacExperience Bloomington. We will keep you updated on when this service might be available at our Castleton location.

*Phones dropped off after 4pm may not be available until the following business day.

  • Data Backup– If you do not have a backup and would like us to backup and restore your phone, a $39.95 fee will be applied.
  • Coverage– Depending on the warranty status of your device, different repair options will be available, and fees may apply.
  • Find My iPhone/iPad/Device– Please be sure this is turned off when bringing your device in for an appointment.
  • Know your Apple ID - visit iforgot.apple.com to reset if needed.
  • Check warranty status - visit checkcoverage.apple.com to know if you are still covered under warranty.