Time Keeps on Slippin...

…. in to the future…. (digital arpeggios)  We love to spend time with friends and family.  We love to spend time relaxing at the beach. We love to spend our time with a good book. Time is a commodity and we spend it like we do money. You’ve even heard it said “time is money”. We pinch pennies when we need to with research to make sure that we don’t waste our hard earned paycheck.  We search for the cheapest gas prices, we even drive to multiple grocery stores to save a few bucks.  We spend a lot of time and effort to save money.

Would you be willing to trade $50 a month for 4 hours of time with a loved one? I would.  The time it takes to drive from one store to the next, plus the time in the store waiting in line at the checkout, adds a lot of time and effort.  (side note: are you really saving money after you add gas and vehicle maintenance driving from store to store)

Here is a thought. Stop spending time and effort on crazy things that really don’t save you that much money.  Go to one store.  Make it a local store to support your community. Take that precious time you save and spend it where you want.  Like that yard project, or book you’ve been meaning to read, spend time with your kids over a board game, or catching up on sleep (your complaining of being tired is getting old).

For the businesses out there: Learn to love your job again by spending your time and effort on what you do best.  Hire someone else to design the website, to do the bookkeeping, to clean the toilets.  It’s not an easy thing to just jump into when the pockets are empty.  But I’m sure that if you spend your time and efforts on what you love, you will reap the benefits and be able to outsource the things you hate.

Special Financing Available


18 Months Special Financing Available

Affording a new Mac or iPad is even easier with MacExperinece Financing from GE. If you qualify for financing, you’ll receive up to 18 months no interest on your purchase of $999 or more if paid in full within 18 months.*

No interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if paid in full within the promotional period. Enjoy a new Mac or iPad now and pay for it over 18 months!

Please note that minimum monthly payments are required, and you may or may not pay off the purchase before the end of the promo period. For full GE Capital Retail Bank Credit Card Terms and Conditions, click here.

How does it get better?

Once you have your MacExperience credit card, you’ll be able to enjoy up to 18 months special financing on all future purchases of $999 or more. You will even be able to take advantage of whatever our other finance offers are at the time of that purchase.

How do you apply?

Just click the link on this page. Fill out the application to see if you’re approved and for what amount. Print out your approval screen, and bring it with you** to your local MacExperience to make your qualifying purchase!

Or simply come by the store, and one our helpful Specialists will assist you with the application.

Trade In

Turn that iPhone, iPad, or computer — Mac or PC — you’re not using anymore into something brand new. Learn more here.

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See Specialist for details. **Approval can take as little as 5 minutes but can take longer. Failure to bring printed approval screen may result in delays in processing your purchase. Please see store for details.