iPhone Case

3 Awesome Cases to Protect Your iPhone

Few things can spoil your day more than a cracked, smashed or scuffed iPhone. In many cases, our beloved iPhones are the most expensive item we carry on our person, retailing between $600 and $850 without a contract. That’s why it’s essential to find a sturdy case to protect your precious smart phone. And since it will be with you nearly everywhere you go, the case should be one you can be comfortable toting in a range of environments.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of options on the market. Of those, though, only a select few have the ability to truly protect your phone in style. Here are three of our favorites:

Griffin Survivor 

Griffin’s Survivor cases are among the most sturdy, protective cases on the market. Manufacturers build them to meet or exceed the U.S. Department of Defense’s 810 standard, and it can withstand a 6-foot fall, an hour of dust and dirt immersion and an hour of wind and rain.

The company is so confident in their product, they’re cool with skipping it across ice and bowling it on asphalt.

The Q Card Case

One of the unfortunate unintended consequences the advent of the smartphone brought: bulging pockets and purses. No one enjoys lugging around a wallet, keys and phone. But the CM4 Q Card Case solves part of that problem, allowing you to combine your wallet and iPhone in one nifty case. In it, you can fit three cards, cash and your iPhone, freeing up much-needed pocket or purse real estate.

As a bonus, the case includes a screen guard that protects your phone from nicks and scratches. The Q Card is available for both iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5.

Otterbox Defender/Commuter

Well known as rugged but bulky protection solutions, Otterbox cases feature a polycarbonate outer layer and screen protectors that defend the phone from drops and scratches, in addition to silicone inner layers that provide the case further padding. More than 2,000 readers of Lifehacker, the popular productivity blog, recently voted the Otterbox as the best case (see their competition here.)

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