Awesome Apptivity App Making Old Toys New Again

There’s no shortage of kid-friendly apps in the App store. With them, kids can read books, make pancakes, and more. But what about the old classic action figures Hot Wheels? They can make a digital comeback with the great Apptivity app from Mattel. See it in action.

With customized toys that are safe for the iPad screen -- made with a plastic that won’t scratch -- the app is included for free.

Games include the Hot Wheels racing you see above as well as WWE Rumblers, Batman and more coming soon. Even the digital classics like Cut The Rope, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja can be played with a hands-on action figure.

So if you’re thinking of buying your kid an iPad for Christmas, or maybe letting them keep your old one if you are the lucky beneficiary of a sweet new iPad this December, consider getting the Apptivity toys and apps as well.

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