Should Your Company Embrace BYOD?

The D isn’t for dessert, drinks or dog, it’s for device. As in, bring your personal device like an iPhone or iPad into the workplace. BYOD is a hot trend among many businesses large and small. Until recently, many employers had sought to limit employee devices for work due to legal reasons (privacy), security (data and apps) and financial (employees expect you to cover some or all of the cost if they use their personal device for work).

But with millions of iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices on the market and employees expecting to be able to be mobile with their work whenever possible, a BYOD strategy may be right for you.

Quick BYOD tips to consider:

  • Pay for some, but not all, of the bill. Set data and phone call boundaries or agree to pay for 50% of a monthly use to avoid employee misuse.
  • Check your network for security issues and create a separate WiFi account for BYOD use.
  • Don’t let your IT department drown in BYOD problems, and set the expectation that employees are responsible for the maintenance of their device.
  • Don’t set unnecessary rules for use. After all, one study found that playing Angry Birds boosts employee productivity and morale.
  • Be clear about if and how you will track the device. Seventy-five percent of employees don’t want to be tracked by their employer, even if there is sensitive information on their device.

For more, check out this BYOD: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly infographic.

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