Which is the Fastest Browser on Mac?

Did you know the worldwide average load time for a Web page is 5.5 seconds? That number has dropped half a second since 2011. Web page load time can vary depending on your computer, your Internet connection and the host servers. But it can also depend on which browser you are using to book a hotel, check Facebook or make your own hipster dog memes. Browser Speed RaceSo which is the absolute fastest browser for your Mac?

Well, according to Real User Monitoring (RUM), which tracks the performance of the browser speed of more than 750 million page views per day, the Mac Chrome 13 is the fastest out there.

But it is the fastest only by fractions of a second.

Overall, Mac Chrome browsers took 8 of the 10 fastest Mac browsers, ranging from the Chrome 13’s 2.4-second load time to the Chrome 16’s 2.7 seconds. Also in the top ten are Mac Safari 5.1 (2.7 seconds) and Mac Firefox 11.0 (2.8 seconds).

But for you Mac owners, we know that having the best is important, and the browser speed wars will keep pushing the limits of your online experience, offering ever-increasing performance.

When dealing with such small differences among these browsers, it is still best to choose one that fits the way you like to surf. Each browser offers differing experiences and customization options, as well as extensions that can download videos, organize your bookmarks and color code your tabs.

But of course speed isn't everything to consider when choosing a browser. There's also security to take into account. Stay tuned for our next post on which browsers offer the best security.