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Taking Home Security to the Macs

There are plenty of reasons people want to install security cameras in their home or business, but they all revolve around safety and peace of mind (and maybe the hope of catching some paranormal shenanigans). The MacExperience sells you the latest and greatest Apple products, but we also know how to maximize their capabilities to meet your home security needs. For instance, did you know you can view your cameras online on your iPhone, on your iPad or in your Web browser?

This means you can keep a real-time eye on your house during vacation, check on the kids who get home from school before you get home from work or even provide evidence of a break-in to police. Cameras can be wireless or wired, and most Macs (anything newer than a G4) can serve as your DVR.

Above all else, security cameras serve as a deterrent to crime. Knowing they're being watched and that you take home security seriously is a good sign that any would-be robber should move along.

You can learn more about Mac-based home security systems, including costs of hardware and installation, in the video below.

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