PIMS Supports Location-Specific Purchasing

Did You Know...Location Purchasing
Did You Know...Location Purchasing
  • PIMS supports either centralized or location-specific purchasing.
  • Product Purchase Worksheet tallies all product backordered on all Sales Orders, as well as any inventory Safety Stock levels.
  • Purchaser has the option of manipulating all quantities and all vendors before sending to POs.
  • Purchaser has the option to ship product to centralized warehouse, to the location initializing order request, or drop shipping to the customer.
  • PIMS knows if product on backorder for a customer has already been ordered on a previous PO, and gives the Purchaser the option of allocating that previous PO to the customer’s back-order.
  • PIMS supports full allocation on PO’s. This lets the Receiver know if they’re receiving product to fulfill customer backorders, or product for stock.
  • PIMS gives the Receiver the option to send an email alert to either the customer or the salesperson, or both that product has been received.

Automatically Send SRO Status Updates with PIMS

Did You Know...SRO Emails
Did You Know...SRO Emails

Did you know that PIMS allows you to automatically send SRO status updates?

PIMS allows you to change the Status of an SRO as it moves through that process. You can assign email templates to any or all Statuses and have PIMS automatically send email updates to the customer.

Not only have we seen an increase in our CSAT scores since this feature was introduced, we place call to action information in each email, letting the customer know about other products or services we offer—like Beyond the Box product, or expedited service options. We’ve incorporated great email marketing into messages the customer really wants to get. One added bonus to me is that I no longer have to yell at my techs to keep the customer updated.

We send an email out when the repair is checked in to let the customer know that they’ll be receiving emails throughout the repair process.


We then send an email out when diagnostics are complete and parts are on order, one when the parts have arrived, and one when the repair is completed and ready for pickup.


POS with Fully Integrated Accounting. Eliminate import/export.

Did You Know...Fully Intergrated Accounting
Did You Know...Fully Intergrated Accounting

Did you know that PIMS has fully integrated accounting? No more double entry or import/export.

  • No need to export anything into another accounting software package.
  • Immediate General Ledger updates upon posting from all locations (See Locations feature).
  • Up to the minute reporting.
  • No bookkeeper double entry.
  • Automatic consolidation of the General Ledger across multiple locations.
  • Everything your bookkeeper does immediately updates vendor and customer records, so your salespeople and purchaser have up to the minute information on available credit

PIMS works with Apple GSX

Did You Know...GSX Intergration
Did You Know...GSX Intergration

Did you know that PIMS controls all communication with Apple GSX, without the Tech needing to login to GSX? PIMS-Gold is fully integrated with GSX. What this means is that everything your techs do in GSX to:

  • Create a GSX Repair
  • Update a GSX Repair
  • Complete a GSX Repair

Can be done directly in PIMS. Your techs never need to duplicate any of the information on any repair.

PIMS allows your salespeople to configure and sell CTO’s easily


Did you know PIMS allows your salespeople to configure and sell CTO’s easily?

We’ve heard that some of you discourage your employees from selling Apple CTO’s because of the hassle involved in building the CTO, adding it to inventory, getting the costs right, and sending to purchasing.

PIMS-Gold let’s your salespeople build a CTO through a simple configuration interface.

Ensuring that the customer’s price and your cost matches the Apple Online Store. Once built, PIMS can backorder the CTO and alert your purchaser to place the order or wait for him/her to purchase all CTO’s at once. PIMS supports product allocation across multiple locations, so everyone in the company can tell which CTO belongs to which customer.