Location Specific Purchasing

PIMS Supports Location-Specific Purchasing

Did You Know...Location Purchasing
Did You Know...Location Purchasing
  • PIMS supports either centralized or location-specific purchasing.
  • Product Purchase Worksheet tallies all product backordered on all Sales Orders, as well as any inventory Safety Stock levels.
  • Purchaser has the option of manipulating all quantities and all vendors before sending to POs.
  • Purchaser has the option to ship product to centralized warehouse, to the location initializing order request, or drop shipping to the customer.
  • PIMS knows if product on backorder for a customer has already been ordered on a previous PO, and gives the Purchaser the option of allocating that previous PO to the customer’s back-order.
  • PIMS supports full allocation on PO’s. This lets the Receiver know if they’re receiving product to fulfill customer backorders, or product for stock.
  • PIMS gives the Receiver the option to send an email alert to either the customer or the salesperson, or both that product has been received.