Ladies and Gentlemen...

When I go to the mall, I go there to work. That’s right, I work at the mall. The
glamorous life of the retail manager. I’m hear for about 50 hrs a week. But sometimes
my family, filled with daughters, want to go to the mall. Now I generally don’t go with
them because I’m here so much. But if they want to go to different mall other than the
one I work at, then I’m happy to go with my family.
Christmas ShopperWe visit lots of clothing stores which means I spend a lot of time holding purses while
waiting outside of the dressing room. Or I stand in the jewelry department watching
people and think, “That parent needs to discipline their child”. I’m sure that my family is
having the time of there life and I’m happy to watch them, hang out with them, and help
them get the things they love. But...I’m a man. I want to go look at hunting equipment, cars, computers, tools and stereos.
And in the mall I work at, there are about 5 stores that interest me. The other 100 stores
are for the ladies of my life.
I see a lot of men with their lady, or should I say ladies with their men, in the mall.
Several of these men walk past my store staring through the window at the 27” iMac
computers, 92” televisions and hair splitting speakers. But they can’t walk in with their
lady. Is it because she has already said, “no” before they even got in the mall? Maybe
she is physically pulling him away from our doors. Most likely, he is being kind, keeping
her away to block the great pain and suffering she might endure by spending 20
minutes in our store. After all, he loves her and wants to spend hours on end, looking at
girly things that she may or may not buy.
My plea is to the lovely ladies. Let your man come in and hang out with us while your
trying on that dress, or pampering yourself at the makeup bar. Give your man 20
minutes in our store. Heck, come in with him and pay close attention to what he likes so
that you know what gift to get him for Christmas. Who knows, you might find something
for yourself here too.