Getting “Instagram” Effects From Your iPhone

Why do Instagrammers get to have all the fun with filters? The great appeal of Instagram, besides the sharing feature, is that ordinary pics can be transformed into interesting vintage photographs with one of the many ready-to-use filters.

As it turns out, Instagrammers don’t get to have all the fun. Now, you can get cool filter effects to use with video. YES!

The iPhone comes with easy video trimming capabilities built-in, and there are apps like iMovie that let you add music, layer audio and add text with ease. But one of the joys of filter apps is that the hard work is done for you already. You just have to select the filter you want and, voilà!, you have something funny, artistic or more intriguing.

Here are a couple of the better video-filter apps that will give you an Instagram feel:


CinemaFX for Video ($1.99) allows you to give your vids everything from a magenta hue to a 1920s dusty news reel aesthetic with a tap of the finger. Simple interface allows for quick loading and saving to your Camera Roll.

Cincam (Credits) adds the ability to throw bold text onto your video in addition to the frames and filters. You can share your videos easily as well. While the app is free, the lens and filters cost credits, but it is worth checking out.

iSuper8 ($1.99) is a really cool vintage filter. It’s not as intuitive as some of the other apps, but the capabilities are there. This is a fun and really cool app.

Get the enjoyment out of your videos that Instagram gives with your photos. Don’t waste your iPhone’s capabilities with boring video!