3 New(ish) Must Have Song Apps for iPad and iPhone

Sure Spotify, Pandora and Shazam were probably some of the first music apps you downloaded when you first cracked open that immaculate Apple packaging and took out you first iPhone or iPad. And while those three consistently rank at the top of the most-downloaded apps, there are a few others you should probably be paying attention to now that offer additional features and controls that let you get the most out of your love of music.

A good music app will do one of three things for you: store your music, give you access to more music and/or help you find more music you love.

Pandora has been the gold-standard for finding new music and ease of listening to your favorite bands and styles. Well last summer a new kid on the block came in and is challenging Pandora’s dominance.

Songza is an app that works very similar to Pandora though with a unique twist. Instead of putting in your favorite musician or song and having the app play similar music, Songza lets you pick the setting you are in and plays music for that with their music “Concierge.”

Working out on Thursday morning, cooking breakfast, singing in the shower? Songza plays music for you.

Next there is the iHeart Radio app that lets you listen live to more than 1,500 stations or create your own custom stations. The streaming is really good on this app. Recently moved and feeling homesick? This is great for listening to your old town’s (or the town you wish you were from’s) morning show.

Finally we have Suffler.fm which is a “radiozine” that has curated fresh tracks from various music blogs, magazine and DJs.s. Find emerging music and follow underground bands as they become the next big thing with this app.