Customer Service

A Love Story

There is nothing better than getting new Apple anything. Especially when it is Christmas and you are getting the new iMac. Granted, I didn’t receive it until January, but it was worth the wait. The new iMac is awesome. TME Fixed copyI had to travel for business right after getting it set up and while I was out of town, it appeared there was a problem with the login for my significant other user. I told him to try logging in as me, and still no love.

Of course, I assumed that meant I messed up the logins somehow, so I did a remote wipe. When it started back up ... everything was messed up.

I had to wait until I got home to fix it, spent several hours on the phone with Apple and stumped them. Nothing that happened should have caused this issue. Time to take it into The MacExperience! Closer to home and less congested, these guys are GREAT!

I shared the notes from Apple with them, and they quickly diagnosed that the hard drive had failed for some reason. It IS a new model, and these things happen. Learn about my first iMac and why I always buy AppleCare.

Ben, an Apple Certified Associate, kept me up to date on the status of my new baby, and before I even missed it, it was fixed and ready for pick up. No fuss, no hipsters, just good customer service and all covered under my warranty.

- From Kira, a real MacExperience customer

MacExperience Says:

We treat our customers like Valentines all year long. It’s the service that comes with being a locally owned and operated Mac service, repair and accessory specialist.

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