MacExperience Community Partnership Promotion

MacExperience is an Indiana company serving Hoosier needs for Certified Apple Care, new Apple products and all of the latest and greatest accessories.

We're also commited to helping our community, which is why we're unveiling a new partnership program with local not-for-profits. Each month, we'll partner with a local group that is helping make Indiana a great place to live and do business by donating a percentage of sales from select merchandise to the organization.

We are more than excited to announce our first partnership with the Ruth Lilly Health Education Center.

Don't know the RLHEC already? Well, check out their Vision from the organization's website:

"The Ruth Lilly Health Education Center was envisioned as an institution that would teach young and old alike in ways that could not easily or affordably be replicated in the classroom or other settings. The concept was that by combining professional health educators with life-size models, high-tech audio/visual aids, unique exhibits and lively interactive curricula, subjects and content areas that are often perceived as 'boring' would captivate students and encourage their participation. And it has worked - beyond all expectations."

"We're excited to partner with great Indiana orgazations like Ruth Lilly Health Education Center," says Greenwood Store Manager John Feasel, "We're a Hoosier company and we want to help support our community any way we can."

If you want to donate to the Ruth Lilly Health Education Center online, feel free to do so directly. Or you can take advantage of our special deal for the month of April...

So what's our deal? Well, for the month of April 25% of any iPhone case sales will go to the Ruth Lilly Health Education Center!

That means Griffin military-grade Survivor cases, or the awesome Q Card case that holds your phone, ID and credit cards.

If you know of a not-for-profit interested in our Community Partnership Program, contact Greenwood Store Manager John Feasel at