We're So Busy, We're Moving


We're relocating our downtown location to our existing Castleton location, on November 1st.

We're also bringing back someone you might remember from our past. No, it’s not Steve Jobs. We can’t bring back the dead, but we are bringing back a powerhouse of a player. One of the originals: Tom Egan. Boom!

Thank you for your continued support.

On November 1st, downtown customers will be able to find us at:

 6609 E 82 St Indianapolis, IN 46250

Located near Castleton Mall, at the intersection of 82nd and Craig.

Mon—Fri: 9am to 6pm; Sat: 10am to 5pm

(317) 217-1610

That Time Matt Groening Illustrated for Apple

The Simpsons, created by (at the time, relatively unknown underground) cartoonist Matt Groening, debuted in 1989. In its 24th season, it is now the longest running sitcom and the longest running scripted primetime show in American history. Prior to The Simpsons premiere in 1989, Groening created an illustrated booklet for Apple as a way to market to college students titled, “Who Needs a Computer Anyway?” The stylistic similarities between this brochure and Simpsons characters is easily seen.

Groening Simpsons has also uncovered additional Groening works for Apple in the ‘80s, like this awkward Akbar ‘n’ Jeff’s Communications Hut and Bongo’s Dream Dorm, which shows what ‘80s stoner college kids thought was heaven.

Bongos Dream Dorm2

Today, Apple is a common target of The Simpsons’ cultural satire, hiding under the auspicious name “Mapple,” but the ties between Groening and Apple go back nearly 25 years.


And today, there’s much that hasn’t changed between Apple and college students. Between iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, Apple is a very popular tech brand among college kids who want reliability, ease of use, and, of course, the best-designed products in the computer marketplace.

That’s why two of our four Indiana MacExperience locations are situated right on college epicenters in Bloomington and next to IUPUI, delivering Certified Apple Care on your Mac products, including data recovery and storage solutions.

So stop in, see us and give us your best Homer Simpson impression, and if we love it enough, we’ll give you a high five.

College curriculum: From textbooks to tablets

Can you imagine the Indiana University campus completely devoid of textbooks? If so, you’re not alone. Book pagesMany college students nationwide think traditional textbooks could be a thing of the past as soon as the year 2017, new survey results show.

This news comes as tablet ownerships on college campuses jumped from 7 percent of college students in 2011, to 25 percent in 2012, according to new information from

What are the benefits of converting from traditional textbooks to e-textbooks viewed on a tablet?

  • Savings. While a tablet can be a pretty major investment up front, e-textbooks typically cost less than half the price of traditional textbooks. With each passing semester, savings add up for students.
  • Convenience. Think about this: Instead of lugging around multiple textbooks, notebooks and binders, and a laptop, a student with e-textbooks can consolidate all of his or her classroom and study-session needs on one device. In addition, Hoosiers who use the IU Mobile app will have access to an even greater number of resources, all on one gadget that fits nicely into a backpack.
  • Sustainability. Can you imagine how many trees will be saved if all college students start using digital textbooks!?!

While textbook-free classrooms sound cutting edge to many, we’d like to note that the idea has been in the works for some time at IU. Three years ago, IU was the first college to pilot a program in which e-textbooks were mandatory curriculum for certain courses, according to USA Today.

With that progressive approach, it’s only a matter of time before the campus goes completely digital.