Do You Suffer From Messy App-age?

Be honest- your Mac's screen is cluttered with windows from all the apps you have open. Sometimes it's handy to view a couple simultaneously, but having too many apps visible can be incredibly distracting. There are a variety of ways to focus on a single app at a time, but here's one of the easiest:

When you click on a window or dock icon to bring it to the foreground, hold down the Option key to hide all the other windows from various apps you have open.


If you get in the habit of Option-clicking to switch apps/programs regularly, before long you'll find it easier to focus on what you're doing without all the distractions from the other apps. Buckle up: Productivity, here we come! 

Germ Warfare: Disinfecting Your iPhone and iPad

Bacteria on iPhoneLet’s start out with a sobering study. A study from Stanford found out that your touchscreen device has, wait for it, 18x more bacteria on it than a men’s restroom toilet handle. Think about that next time you answer a call.

The reason for this hoards of bacteria on your screen is because your hands are in constant contact with a litany of scummy sources. Light switches, toothbrush holders, keyboards, door knobs and pretty much anything near your kitchen sink are all bacteria sanctuaries that you handle without much thought. And those bacteria can go back and forth between the screen and your hands.

The same Stanford study found that a 30% of viruses that are on a touchscreen will attach itself to your finger when you come into contact with it.

Now, unless you have a cut or scrape on your hand, bacteria or viruses won’t be able to get through your protective skin. However, if you have bacteria on your hand and you say, touch your mouth, nose or eyes, you’ve just given a much more hospitable entry point into your body.

The MacExperience sells a wonderful product called AppleJuce that is an all natural product that cleans your iOS device or computer and good on glass and aluminum.

So whether you’re looking to clean smudges or remove dangerous bacteria from your phone, the first thing to note is the official Apple cleaning care instructions that say you should avoid using window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia or abrasives on your device.

  • Use disinfectant wipes that contain no bleach designed for electronic uses to clean your iPhone and iPad (as well as keyboards, laptops and displays).
  • Do not apply too much pressure when wiping. Apply the same pressure you would use if you were scrolling through your iTunes library.
  • Do not allow any liquid to pool on the device and don’t get liquid in the dock connector or inside of the microphone or speaker points.
  • Beware of phone sharing. If someone is sick or has a sick child, think twice about swiping through their photo album.

And finally, and this is nothing new, but if you’re afraid of bacteria on your iPhone, be sure to wash your hands often and especially after cooking, cleaning or spending significant time in public places.