The MacExperience Is Hiring!

Want to join a team of Apple-certified specialists and Mac gurus? We're hiring full and part-time employees for locations in Bloomington, Greenwood Park Mall and Hamilton Town Center. What we’re looking for:

  1. Someone that loves all aspects of sales (from greetings, to meetings, to closing the sale).
  2. Someone that can provide amazing customer service to the customer.
  3. Someone that goes and gets and doesn’t sit.
  4. Someone that has the desire to work with and sell Apple technology and solutions.
  5. Someone with proven experience in sales.
  6. Full and Part-time employees.

The job requirements are:

  1. Exciting personality
  2. 1 year in sales
  3. own more than one apple product

Company benefits you’ll receive:

  1. Aggressive training to get you up to speed
  2. Competitive salary.
  3. A work environment that is dynamic, fun, and driven to be the best at what we do.

To apply email John Feasel - or you can visit or call one of our MacExperience locations for more information.