Apple Issues Voluntary Recall for Certain 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro Units


Heads up! If you’re using an older 15-inch MacBook Pro—the version with lots of ports that predates the current Thunderbolt 3 models—Apple has started a recall program to replace batteries that could explode and catch on fire. (We’re not kidding.) The affected MacBook Pro models were sold primarily between September 2015 and February 2017. To find out if your 15-inch MacBook Pro is affected, enter its serial number into Apple’s recall page. If it is included in the recall, shut it down and stop using it immediately! Contact Apple for a free battery replacement, and if you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

(Image courtesy of Apple)

Must-Have Accessories

Must-Have Accessories
Must-Have Accessories

Did you get a new device this holiday season?  Perhaps it was something that you purchased for yourself - a tablet, a phone, a TV, laptop, etc.  But your question is: now what do I do with this?  How can I accessorize my new favorite device and utilize it for all its worth? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite accessories for your holiday devices.


Most of your devices came with a cable, but let’s face it, you can never have enough of them. If it’s for your phone, you need one in your bedroom, the car, your purse, next to the computer, and an extra one because you know one of them might grow legs and simply walk away.

Getting extra lightning cables for your iPhone/iPad is a no brainer, but consider trying out the Moshi lightning cable for a little style and have the same one-year-warranty as the Apple brand.

You got the new Apple TV but it didn’t come with a HDMI cable and you need one to make it work. Did you know that when you AirPlay to the AppleTV it doubles your local traffic? Get yourself an ethernet cable to connect your AppleTV directly to your router for the fastest speed.

Battery Pack

Your new iOS device has a nice battery life, but it won’t always be like that. If you plan on going camping, traveling on a plane, or going beyond the range of an outlet, then you’re going to want to get some power on the go. The Moshi Ionbank 5K comes with an integrated Lightning cable to charge your iPhone, and a USB cable to charge itself. The extra USB port on IonBank 5K allows for a second device to charge, whether it be another iPhone or even an Android device.


Your new device looks pretty sweet and you should keep it that way.  With the i10 Pixel glass you can keep the glass scratch-free as it reaches to the top corners of your phone from the bottom corners. For full phone protection, look at the cases from Moshi.  They range in design from sleek to rugged, and even offer a wallet folio case. These cases keep your devices safe and in style.

Your computer should be protected from scratches as well. The Speck see-thru lets your Apple logo light glow through the case and gives it the protection needed from daily wear and tear, like sliding it into your full backpack.

What about a folio for the businessman/woman to look professional and have protection? The Tucano Palmo and Leggero are a great protective solution with a style that says, "Look out, I look good, I look important, I am successful." If you are looking for a folio that has a keyboard, look no further than the Moshi Versa Cover with keyboard; this bad boy turns heads.


You’re probably going to lose these in a pocket, in the wash, in the car, leave them at a friend's house... you get the idea, you're going to lose them. And the headphones that came with you iPhone are average at best. The Moshi Mythro headphones are your answer to the average headphones; they're only $29.95 and according to CNet, they are the best headphones under $50.


No one likes fingerprints on screens, and the germs on your computer aren’t very attractive either. Apple Juice screen and device cleaner provides you with cleanliness, and it smells like apples.

Learning curve

You have the devices but don’t know all the ins and outs of how to utilize them most effectively. Understanding the benefits of iCloud seems beyond your grasp, and how to make a document look like you hired someone to make it is something weighing on your mind.  ME.Training can give you the advantages you’ve been looking for. Sign up for a private class with a trainer and get the undivided attention you deserve.

Protecting Your Investment with a Case

Did you know when you protect your device with a case, it maintains its value better than if left unprotected?  When our technicians value a computer or any device for trade in, we run a lot of tests on it, but we also look at the condition of the device. The better it looks, the more it's worth.  Let's be honest, no one wants to buy anything used that looks like it's been through the ringer. If you're going to spend your hard-earned dollars on a MacBook or an iPad 2 or keep track of your whole life on your iPhone, you really should protect it.

That's why we offer cases for your devices, from see thru Speck cases to the Moshi Overture wallet cases.

Moshi20 Speck20

iPhone Battery Replacement Program Info

Due to the high volume of iPhone 5 battery requests: batteries may not be available for immediate replacement. For our iPhone technicians to perform Apple-required diagnostics, you must make an appointment at [hr]

How do I determine if my iPhone 5 is eligible?

Apple has provide this link to assess whether your iPhone is among the models included in the battery replacement program.  Simply type your serial number in the provided space and Apple will let you know if your iPhone eligible. If Apple determines that your iPhone 5 battery does not qualify, you may inquire for a paid replacement.

Where do I find my iPhone serial number?


[column width="1/3"]

Step 1: Tap on the gear icon 'Settings,' then tap 'General.'

settings iphone


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Step 2: Once in 'General,' then tap 'About.'

general iphone


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Step 3: Once in 'About,' then scroll down to find your serial number.

about iphone



Do I need an appointment?

Yes. Please have your phone backed up and set up an appointment here:

[button href="/iphones"]Set up an iPhone Appointment[/button]

What if my iPhone 5 is not included in the battery program but I am still having issues?

There are a lot of factors that can lead to a shortened battery life. If you believe you are experiencing battery issues and your iPhone does not qualify for the Apple battery replacement program, our technicians can still assist you in diagnosing the issue.

What else do I need to know?

1. Your phone may be eligible but not qualify for the battery replacement.

2. Due to the large volume in demand, batteries may not be available for immediate replacement. We will order a replacement battery and notify upon arrival.

3. Remember to back your phone up before arriving at your appointment.

Make Your iPhone Last When The Power Is Out

Power Outage CandleWith ice and snow and all sorts of winter weather hitting Indiana over the next months, you need to make sure you’re prepared for what really matters. No, not stocking up on milk and bread. We’re talking about making sure your iPhone stays charged when the power goes out. Even if the power, Internet and phone lines are down, your iPhone can be your gateway to getting safety information or maybe just getting in touch with a friend that you can stay with until the power returns.

Here are four quick tips to maximize your battery life during a power outage.

  1. Keep your laptop charged before a storm hits. You can get several full phone charges out of your laptop. But be sure to save the battery on your MacBook, too. Turn off Airport (which can drain battery even if there is no Internet) and lower the brightness on your screen.
  2. Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and “Push” notifications on your phone immediately and don’t run unnecessary apps -- so, sorry, Angry Birds, even though we’re stuck at home and bored, there won’t be any spare battery to waste on you.
  3. Text, don’t call. Phone calls will drain your battery faster than texting.
  4. Get accessory chargers.There are chargers that are powered by AA batteries as well as car chargers.

BE CAREFUL with car chargers though -- don’t run your engine in an enclosed space like a garage, as the exhaust fumes can cause dizziness and even death!

When the power goes out, spring into action to maximize your iPhone’s battery life. And get all of your battery accessories from The MacExperience before winter snows make driving a headache.

Help Extend Your MacBook Battery Life

All batteries wear down, and until we find a way to harness the electricity our bodies create (which scientists are trying to do) or until you buy a series of extension cords that run from your home to your work, battery depletion will be a part of any computer owner’s life. Extend Battery Life MacThe good news? Apple has some of the most advanced batteries in the marketplace. Your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have batteries that will be depleted and charged up to 1000 times before the batter reaches 80% of its original capacity.

According to Apple, the optimal battery settings settings for your notebook are as follows:

  • Use the Energy Saver control panel tips and set it to maximize performance. Set a sleep time for the display and computer that works for you, but keep in mind that choosing NEVER will hurt your battery life.
  • Dim the screen to the lowest comfortable level when your notebook isn’t connected to power.
  • Not using the internet? Turn off AirPort Wireless as it can use energy even if you’re not running a browser.
  • Likewise, Bluetooth consumes energy even when you’re not using it.
  • Eject DVDs, CDs, flash drives, etc. when you’re not using them as they too will eat up battery life.

Want some additional tips? Here are some more coming your way...

Pay Attention To The Weather! Running your MacBook in extreme cold or heat can drain the battery faster. You should always use your MacBook between 50 and 95 degrees, which shouldn’t be too difficult. However, you should also avoid storing them, even if they’re turned off, in temperatures below -13 degrees or above 113 degrees. So avoid leaving in your car during the summer and winter months.

Update Your Software! Apple updates include security and performance enhancement, in addition to those more visible user interaction updates. Did you know that the updates can also help improve battery performance? It’s true.

If you’re unhappy with the battery performance of your otherwise smooth-sailing Mac, stop into The MacExperience and have one of our techs install a new battery or offer even more suggestions on improving lithium performance.