Spring Forward with New Stuff from Apple

Here is the skinny of what went down at the Apple Live event.


Now you can do your part to advance medical research from your iPhone.

Apple TV

Price drop from $99 to $69.  It looks like they are trying to be more competitive with the other streaming devices out there.


This is an all new machine.  It’s thin, it has retina display, a new keyboard, a new trackpad, and USB-C.  Shipping April 10.

The specs: $1299 / 12 inch Retina display 2304X1440 / 0.14” to 0.52” thin / 2 lbs. / Three colors to choose from, Space Grey, Gold, Silver / 9 hour battery life / 1.1GHz dual-core Intel Core M / 8GB Ram / 256GB SSD / USB-C Charging, USB 3.1, Native DisplayPort 1.2 video output. / 480p FaceTime Camera / Stereo speakers / Dual Microphones / Headphone jack out / ForceTouch trackpad Force sensors detect how much pressure you’re applying to give you new capabilities and haptic feedback.

MacBook Pro 13”

Now with ForceTouch Trackpad, Fifth-gen Intel Core processors, faster flash storage, and longer battery life. No price change.

Apple WatchAppleWatch

Available April 24. It’s like having your phone on your wrist.  AppleCare+ available (price TBD)

Apple Watch Sport - $349 for the 38mm Sport, $399 for the 42mm. Two colors.

Apple Watch Regular Addition - $549 – $1,049 for the 38mm. $599 – $1,099 for the 42mm Two colors.

Apple Watch Edition - Limited Quantities starting at $10,000

My opinion

ResearchKit is great.  Let’s find cures together as long as Apple keeps our medical info secure.  There could be a long list of questions, hopefully Apple has addressed them already.

The AppleTV has always been one of my favorite products. If you don’t own anything Apple, it still works.  If you have an iPhone, iPad, or computer, it becomes even cooler.

The MacBook is very cool.  I like the three color options and how thin it is. It’s like an iPad with a keyboard an no touch screen.  A great computer, but it might be like an appliance.  Get AppleCare and insurance (available at MacExperience) for it.

The AppleWatch.  I wouldn’t have one. To me, it’s like a phone on my wrist, but my phone has to near me to use it.  The spy-like features are pretty cool if you want to look like you work for MI-6.   If you get one PLEASE get AppleCare+ for it.