Super Spectacular Saturday Savings Sale of the Season

Let's get something straight, we love Thanksgiving but we're not big fans of Black Friday. Therefore we're closed on Black Friday at both locations.  Don't worry though, we're still having a sale.  It's just going to be a day late and you're going to be OK if you're a dollar short, because we're having a Super spectacular Saturday Savings Sale of the Season. On Saturday November 28th we're going to help you save money when you shop at our Castleton or Bloomington location. Save 10% on a computer with purchase of ME.Complete or 20% on all accessories*.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday.

*While supplies last. In store only. Excludes Apple brand accessories.

Introducing ME.Complete core protection plan

You love your Mac.  When you first open up that box, and touch your new Mac, you think to yourself, “I’m going to take such good care of you”. It’s exciting!  You’ve taken all the precautions needed, you’ve even added the recommended AppleCare. Each morning you sit in front of your Mac with your coffee next to it, but not so close that you might bump into it and spill coffee on your new precious Mac.  But then your idiot roommate, wonderful spouse, or first-born child bumps into your coffee and OOPS!

At MacExperience we recommend AppleCare with every new Mac. It extends your one-year hardware warranty to three years, and you get access to Apple’s technical phone support. While AppleCare covers manufacturer’s defects and hardware issues, it does not cover accidental damage.

That’s why we’re introducing ME.Complete for only $99


Accidental damages can be expensive. Depending on the model and the amount of damage you may spend $300 - $900+ on a repair.  Liquid damage can be even more devastating, costing you an arm and a leg. Even with AppleCare, accidental damage like drops and liquid spills are not covered.

With ME.Complete, all you pay is a $250 service fee in the case that your Mac breaks as a result of accidental damage. Our Apple Authorized Service Center will get your computer up and running as quickly as possible.

With ME.Complete, your Mac is completely covered and protected. AppleCare will make sure you get free repairs for any hardware issues and ME.Complete covers you in case of accidental damage. ME.Complete also includes a $75 credit towards replacing a consumed battery, ensuring your computer will always be up and running 100%.

A break down of your coverage options


One last thing to remember

ME.Complete is a great way to keep you covered when __________  happens, but your data on your computer is not covered. What are you doing to save your data in the case of a hard drive failure? It's wise to have a back up, and every Mac includes a program called Time Machine that backs your Mac to an external hard drive.  All you need is an external hard drive or Time Capsule to get going.

Security Alert: Backdoor iWorm

Hello Mac Users, MacExperience wants to keep everyone informed and updated on the latest Mac OS Security issues.

Most Mac computer users know malware is less common on Macs than on Windows. Even though Apple provides built in security such as GateKeeper and File Quarantine, Mac users should not take their OS X security for granted

Macs aren’t immune to malware. Recently, there have been many issues of Malware infecting Mac computers like Genieo. Additionally, a new Mac Malware called Mac.Backdoor.iWorm is making rounds infecting Mac computers to be used as Botnets.

Therefore, MacExperience recommends some steps you can take to improve your security on Mac computers. Here are some easy ways you can improve your Mac security.

1. Keep your OS X software updated with the latest patches and OS software updates.

2. Set GateKeeper to only run digitally signed apps from the Mac App Store. This setting is in System preferences under Security and Privacy. 

3. Run anti-virus/anti-malware software on your Macs.

Mac computers have become very popular. As a result, more malicious code is being written to take advantage of unprotected computers.

4. Limit the use of Administrator accounts

Allow only necessary admin accounts to install and modify system settings. Don’t share administrator names and passwords. Log out when you leave your Mac so unauthorized people don’t use your Mac with administrator privileges. Require a password to wake your Mac from sleep or screen saver.

Contact MacExperience

For more information on Mac Security solutions for home or your business. MacExperience offers solutions to protect your personal or business assets.


Other recent OS X security news:

Also in the news was the known security issue regarding the Bash exploit. The OS X bash update can be found directly at

More on GateKeeper:

*** UPDATE: Oct. 7th *** Apple has added the new iWorm definitions to detect this malware.

We're So Busy, We're Moving


We're relocating our downtown location to our existing Castleton location, on November 1st.

We're also bringing back someone you might remember from our past. No, it’s not Steve Jobs. We can’t bring back the dead, but we are bringing back a powerhouse of a player. One of the originals: Tom Egan. Boom!

Thank you for your continued support.

On November 1st, downtown customers will be able to find us at:

 6609 E 82 St Indianapolis, IN 46250

Located near Castleton Mall, at the intersection of 82nd and Craig.

Mon—Fri: 9am to 6pm; Sat: 10am to 5pm

(317) 217-1610

iPhone Battery Replacement Program Info

Due to the high volume of iPhone 5 battery requests: batteries may not be available for immediate replacement. For our iPhone technicians to perform Apple-required diagnostics, you must make an appointment at [hr]

How do I determine if my iPhone 5 is eligible?

Apple has provide this link to assess whether your iPhone is among the models included in the battery replacement program.  Simply type your serial number in the provided space and Apple will let you know if your iPhone eligible. If Apple determines that your iPhone 5 battery does not qualify, you may inquire for a paid replacement.

Where do I find my iPhone serial number?


[column width="1/3"]

Step 1: Tap on the gear icon 'Settings,' then tap 'General.'

settings iphone


[column width="1/3"]

Step 2: Once in 'General,' then tap 'About.'

general iphone


[column width="1/3"]

Step 3: Once in 'About,' then scroll down to find your serial number.

about iphone



Do I need an appointment?

Yes. Please have your phone backed up and set up an appointment here:

[button href="/iphones"]Set up an iPhone Appointment[/button]

What if my iPhone 5 is not included in the battery program but I am still having issues?

There are a lot of factors that can lead to a shortened battery life. If you believe you are experiencing battery issues and your iPhone does not qualify for the Apple battery replacement program, our technicians can still assist you in diagnosing the issue.

What else do I need to know?

1. Your phone may be eligible but not qualify for the battery replacement.

2. Due to the large volume in demand, batteries may not be available for immediate replacement. We will order a replacement battery and notify upon arrival.

3. Remember to back your phone up before arriving at your appointment.

Getting AppleCare for Your New Apple Devices

So did you unwrap a new iPad, MacBook Pro or other Apple product this holiday season? Well lucky you. As a proud new owner of an envy-inducing new gadget you’re going to want to protect it, and if the need arises, repair it. That’s where we come in. The MacExperience covers AppleCare and warranty repairs on your Apple products regardless of where they were purchased. And since we’re licensed Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians, that means you’re getting the same highly-trained people as if you were to mail it off to Cupertino for repairs - only here in Central Indiana and Bloomington.

AppleCare, which is offered on new Mac products as an extension to the included warranty varies in price and offerings from product to product. But what you’ll find in all AppleCare offerings is additional expert service and support including call center support and the ability to walk your product right into a licensed Apple reseller (like The MacExperience) and fix any product issues.

AppleCare can be bought for a product for up to one year after the purchase date.

For Macs and Apple displays, which we highly recommend getting AppleCare for these investments, you will find an additional two years of hardware coverage (like your battery, monitor/display and hard drive) as well as three full years of phone support as opposed to the 90 days you get standard with a purchase.

AppleCare Warranty

You can find out more on Apple’s website.

For some of your smaller devices (such as an iPod Nano or an AppleTV) whether or not you get AppleCare depends on your risk bandwidth. But for your large Apple device investments it may be something you need to spend more time considering. Talk with us at one of our four Indiana locations and see what coverage you get with AppleCare.

Common Mobile Apple Device Repairs We Do In-House

The MacExperience is Apple Certified to make a variety of common repairs to your mobile device like iPhones, iPods and iPads. What does “Apple Certified” mean? It means you get the same expert fixes as if you mailed your device to Cupertino, only we’re right here in Indiana making happy customers from Bloomington to Muncie. Have You Backed Up Today? If you are having iOS problems, we can help troubleshoot and get your device blazing along again, but you need to have your data backed up to iCloud or your home computer before coming in for service.

Learn how to back up to iCloud on this Apple support page.

iPhone Repairs

For broken iPhone screens or water damage, The MacExperience can exchange your iPhone if you have AppleCare+. AppleCare+ can be purchased up to 30 days after you buy your iPhone and gives an extended 2 year warranty. You can see full details about AppleCare+ here.

Be sure to back up your phone to iCloud or your computer before brining it in for repairs.

Here’s a quick reference guide for what iPhone repairs we take care of at any of our four central Indiana locations.

**Please note: The MacExperience is not authorized to repair cracked iPod screens. We recommend for service.

TME iPhone Repairs

iPad Repairs The MacExperience can handle iPad issues covered under AppleCare. We cannot repair or facilitate any non-warranty issues.

This means many hardware services, defects and software will be covered and handled at one of our store. For the full terms and conditions of the iPad AppleCare Protection Plan information, click here (PDF).