Apple Care

When Disaster Strikes Your Apple Products, We Can Help

Spilled CoffeeAs young adults settle into their fun and exciting social and collegian lives, accidents tend to occur in the most untimely manners. For many students, a little water or juice that spills onto your computer might not seem like a disaster today, but just wait for a few days to find out that the $2,000 MacBook Pro you just bought for your first year of school is not working as well it should ... or simply not powering on at all. And what's worse, liquid damage is not covered under Apple's limited or extended warranties. What happens when liquid of any type comes into contact with the internal components of an electronic device can lead to catastrophe that is beyond any feasible economic recovery.

However, your local MacExperience can help. What you must do beyond a doubt is immediately bring in your machine to one of our locations, and we will do our very best to take the machine apart and clean up the liquid that is in contact with the electrical components inside your machine. We can potentially help you avoid emotional breakdowns, parental requests for replacements, or worse, being without a computer until your student loans can afford you a new one.

So before you conclude that it is OK that you only got a little liquid on your machine, please help us help you by promptly letting the professionals at your local MacExperience attempt to save your machine. And remember that a little liquid can be a disaster waiting to happen, and what works today might not be working in a day, week or month from now. As liquid evaporates from the machine, the residual compounds that remain in contact with the circuitry will literally eat away and eventually render your machine inoperable.