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PIMS Supports Location-Specific Purchasing

Did You Know...Location Purchasing
Did You Know...Location Purchasing
  • PIMS supports either centralized or location-specific purchasing.
  • Product Purchase Worksheet tallies all product backordered on all Sales Orders, as well as any inventory Safety Stock levels.
  • Purchaser has the option of manipulating all quantities and all vendors before sending to POs.
  • Purchaser has the option to ship product to centralized warehouse, to the location initializing order request, or drop shipping to the customer.
  • PIMS knows if product on backorder for a customer has already been ordered on a previous PO, and gives the Purchaser the option of allocating that previous PO to the customer’s back-order.
  • PIMS supports full allocation on PO’s. This lets the Receiver know if they’re receiving product to fulfill customer backorders, or product for stock.
  • PIMS gives the Receiver the option to send an email alert to either the customer or the salesperson, or both that product has been received.

Automatically Send SRO Status Updates with PIMS

Did You Know...SRO Emails
Did You Know...SRO Emails

Did you know that PIMS allows you to automatically send SRO status updates?

PIMS allows you to change the Status of an SRO as it moves through that process. You can assign email templates to any or all Statuses and have PIMS automatically send email updates to the customer.

Not only have we seen an increase in our CSAT scores since this feature was introduced, we place call to action information in each email, letting the customer know about other products or services we offer—like Beyond the Box product, or expedited service options. We’ve incorporated great email marketing into messages the customer really wants to get. One added bonus to me is that I no longer have to yell at my techs to keep the customer updated.

We send an email out when the repair is checked in to let the customer know that they’ll be receiving emails throughout the repair process.


We then send an email out when diagnostics are complete and parts are on order, one when the parts have arrived, and one when the repair is completed and ready for pickup.


POS with Fully Integrated Accounting. Eliminate import/export.

Did You Know...Fully Intergrated Accounting
Did You Know...Fully Intergrated Accounting

Did you know that PIMS has fully integrated accounting? No more double entry or import/export.

  • No need to export anything into another accounting software package.
  • Immediate General Ledger updates upon posting from all locations (See Locations feature).
  • Up to the minute reporting.
  • No bookkeeper double entry.
  • Automatic consolidation of the General Ledger across multiple locations.
  • Everything your bookkeeper does immediately updates vendor and customer records, so your salespeople and purchaser have up to the minute information on available credit

PIMS works with Apple GSX

Did You Know...GSX Intergration
Did You Know...GSX Intergration

Did you know that PIMS controls all communication with Apple GSX, without the Tech needing to login to GSX? PIMS-Gold is fully integrated with GSX. What this means is that everything your techs do in GSX to:

  • Create a GSX Repair
  • Update a GSX Repair
  • Complete a GSX Repair

Can be done directly in PIMS. Your techs never need to duplicate any of the information on any repair.

PIMS allows your salespeople to configure and sell CTO’s easily


Did you know PIMS allows your salespeople to configure and sell CTO’s easily?

We’ve heard that some of you discourage your employees from selling Apple CTO’s because of the hassle involved in building the CTO, adding it to inventory, getting the costs right, and sending to purchasing.

PIMS-Gold let’s your salespeople build a CTO through a simple configuration interface.

Ensuring that the customer’s price and your cost matches the Apple Online Store. Once built, PIMS can backorder the CTO and alert your purchaser to place the order or wait for him/her to purchase all CTO’s at once. PIMS supports product allocation across multiple locations, so everyone in the company can tell which CTO belongs to which customer.

Automatically sell AppleCare with PIMS

Automatically sell AppleCare with PIMS
Automatically sell AppleCare with PIMS

Did you know PIMS allows your sales people and technicians to auto-magically sell AppleCare?

PIMS is one of the few POS solutions which allows for the automatic sale and immediate activation of AppleCare. This means that PIMS knows what Apple product is eligible for AppleCare and allows the activation of both Mac and iOS devices, at the time of sale, or within the eligibility period.


PIMS Auto-Reconciles Invoices from Apple

Did You Know - Apple Reconciliation
Did You Know - Apple Reconciliation

Did you know that PIMS auto-reconciles both labor reimbursements and parts invoices from Apple?

Labor Reconciliations

PIMS knows the labor reimbursements for each repair and your Service Excellence Score. If the reimbursement you get from Apple agrees with what PIMS thinks you should get, the credit is automatically booked to accounting. PIMS will return a list of those SROs not reconciled, giving you the opportunity to dispute those with Apple.

Parts Invoices

PIMS knows the Exchange and Stock prices of all GSX parts. If PIMS agrees with the amount you were invoiced from Apple, the charge is automatically booked to accounting. PIMS will return a list of any SRO not reconciled, with an explanation of the dispute. PIMS will not auto-reconcile an invoice if:

  • You have not received the part.
  • You ordered the part as a warranty repair.
  • You have not billed your customer for the part.
  • You were charged a different price than PIMS expected.
  • If you flagged the part as GPR or DOA, PIMS will alert you if you were invoiced for the part, but never received the credit.
  • If you flagged the part as CTS, PIMS will allow for multiple invoices from Apple, but will not let the total of all invoices be greater than the stock price of the part.
  • PIMS will auto-reconcile shipping charges, whether they are on the same invoice as the part, or on a separate invoice, but will not reconcile more shipping charges than you have parts on that SRO.


Apple Notifies Aperture Users of Upcoming Removal From App Store

Apple sent an email to Aperture customers today to reminder them about the impending removal of the professional grade photo editing software from the Mac App Store. The email confirms that Aperture will be removed from the Mac App Store when the release of Photos for OS X. When Photos for OS X launches this spring, Aperture will no longer be available for purchase from the Mac App Store. You can continue to use Aperture on OS X Yosemite, but you will not be able to buy additional copies of the app.  You can migrate your Aperture library to Photos for OS X, including your photos, adjustments, albums, and keywords. After migrating, your Aperture library remains intact. However, Aperture and Photos do not share a unified library, so any changes made after the migration will not be shared between the apps.

Aperture users will be able to continue using the software on OS X Yosemite after its discontinued. Aperture users can migrate their photo libraries to Photos for OS X, including photos, adjustments, albums and keywords.

Photos for OS X will be available this spring for OS X Yosemite.

I Love my Leader

Love is a pretty strong word to use about your leader.  We use the word pretty flippantly any more though. We’re quick to use “love” when are talking about a movie, a book, pizza, a car, a cup of coffee, a beer, or our new smartphone.  But we are slower to say “love” about a person.  I guess that is because we don’t know if the other person loves us back.  We know the frosty mug of beer or a movie is not going to love us back, so who cares if we say we love them? So do I love my Leader.  Some of my leaders I genuinely do love.  I love parents, I love my Pastor and the Elders of my church. Those are some of the easier leaders to confess my love for.  But what about my government leaders, police, teachers, or boss.  I’m happy that I live in the USA and I would defend America to the end.  I’m thankful for police that they are here to serve and protect me.  But for the most part, my government leaders and policemen are at a distance.  It’s hard to love them because I don’t feel loved back.  I know that they are concerned for me, but that is about as far as it goes.

Teachers are in closer contact to me.  They see me regularly, so I interact with them, sometimes on a personal level.  But we rarely discuss personal things.  I don’t know what is going on with their lives nor them about me.

Then there is my boss. This guy knows my kids' names and I know his.  He is genuinely invested in my life.  Yes, he asks me to work, and work hard for the company, for him.  But it’s easy for me to do, not because of the paycheck (although I’m thankful for that as well), but because I want him to succeed.  I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of great bosses in the past.  Don't get me wrong, I’ve had a few jerks as well.  But the attention and concern my boss gives to me and to all that are around him, makes me want to give back.  I see how he wants our customers to succeed without being selfish about his own company growth, and that speaks loud to me as a man, not just an employee.

Do I love my leaders?  Not all of them, but the owner of MacExperience, Joel Read… Let’s just say he knows how I feel.

Time Keeps on Slippin...

…. in to the future…. (digital arpeggios)  We love to spend time with friends and family.  We love to spend time relaxing at the beach. We love to spend our time with a good book. Time is a commodity and we spend it like we do money. You’ve even heard it said “time is money”. We pinch pennies when we need to with research to make sure that we don’t waste our hard earned paycheck.  We search for the cheapest gas prices, we even drive to multiple grocery stores to save a few bucks.  We spend a lot of time and effort to save money.

Would you be willing to trade $50 a month for 4 hours of time with a loved one? I would.  The time it takes to drive from one store to the next, plus the time in the store waiting in line at the checkout, adds a lot of time and effort.  (side note: are you really saving money after you add gas and vehicle maintenance driving from store to store)

Here is a thought. Stop spending time and effort on crazy things that really don’t save you that much money.  Go to one store.  Make it a local store to support your community. Take that precious time you save and spend it where you want.  Like that yard project, or book you’ve been meaning to read, spend time with your kids over a board game, or catching up on sleep (your complaining of being tired is getting old).

For the businesses out there: Learn to love your job again by spending your time and effort on what you do best.  Hire someone else to design the website, to do the bookkeeping, to clean the toilets.  It’s not an easy thing to just jump into when the pockets are empty.  But I’m sure that if you spend your time and efforts on what you love, you will reap the benefits and be able to outsource the things you hate.

Stoke the Fire with Love and Passion

FireLovePassionLet’s be honest. It’s cold enough to freeze the tail off a brass monkey! You and all your friends have made it known on Instagram, Twitter, and every other social site. I know it’s hard for me to even get out of bed in the morning. Winter is also a time of year when our businesses can suffer. Fewer feet, slower sales, and an overall slump in morale can cause any business to sing the winter blues.

How are you going to heat things up right now? How are you going to shake off the winter blues? Whatever business you’re in, you have ownership in making it successful. You have to take the first step to stoke the fire with the love and passion of what you do.

Like the guy who throws gasoline on a fire, maybe you need to pitch that crazy idea to your boss.

Or the guy that fans the flame, you should make that call to the client who’s been MIA for a few months.

Perhaps you’re the person that adds another log to the fire, and invites that colleague out for a beer and brainstorm.

Now’s the time to get your creative juices flowing and think forward. What are you going to do differently today to make your company warm up in a cold season? Are you going to stoke the fire or let it die from being cold.

MacExperience is a Boring IT Company

Did you know that MacExperience has been in business since 2001? In that time we have had, several retail relocations, from Bloomington to HTC and from E Washington to W Michigan. But one thing that has not changed is our service to companies that need our expertise to manage their IT needs. We have a team of System Engineers that could bore you to death with their amazing technical skills and wizard-like knowledge. We could talk about Layer 7 traffic classification and control, integrated intrusion detection engines and scalable management architecture. We could help you fall asleep with a bedtime story about geographically dispersed switches, CMX and API.

We’ve been boring people with our nerd talk for years and that’s OK. We’ll continue to be the Boring IT Company if it allows you to concentrate on creating, building, connecting and producing. We’ll keep our taped glasses on our face with the help of a finger pushing them up, and geek out about keeping your system running like you would expect.

If you’ve never heard that we offer professional services, that’s OK. We don't expect our customers think about us when everything is running so smooth. They don’t have to because we keep them safe, secure, running and up-to-date.