You Never Know Who Will Visit

Yesterday, a customer comes into our downtown location, asking for a charging cable for their iPhone.  After telling them that we had some available, they said that they needed a quick charge just to get through the next hour.  Happily, I accommodated their request and plugged their iPhone into the nearest charger.  

While we were waiting for their iPhone to charge, we chatted about how they were very disappointed with their new computer that was running Windows 8.  They said that they've really been running their business from their iPhone.  They expressed that they would rather use something like an iPad tablet but didn’t know how to store extra files.


I made a mistake and went about solutions in the wrong order,  I should have asked more questions like, “What type of business are you in?” and “How big and what kind of files are you wanting to store?” Instead, I jumped to talking about this really cool new hard drive we have called the Lacie Fuel (follow link to learn more about the  Lacie Fuel).


This is where the story begins to get good. They tell me “Oh, I really like the name Fuel." Curiously ask why.  They asked, “Do you follow Indy racing?” I replied “I’m sorry, I don’t.”  Now before I tell you who this person is that graced our store, let me tell you the solution we found that could work for them.


After some discussion about what their needs are and what they do for a living, we discovered they needed to be able to send documents like PDFs to potential clients and be able to pull up presentations for speaking engagements.  Therefore, I introduced them to Pages and Keynote, and how they can utilize iCloud and their phone to “store” the documents that they wanted.  Pages and Keynote are provided for free to anyone that has purchased a new Apple computer or iOS device after September 1, 2013. iCloud gives you 5GB of storage at no charge and the cloud space can be increased for additional fees. The customer was very happy to learn about such great tools they can start using today.


So who was it? Former Indy race car driver Lyn St. James. Here are some of the accomplishments she has in her Indy Racing Career:


•1992 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of The Year (first woman to win)

•7 Indianapolis 500 starts in 9 years, including 6 consecutive starts (1992 - 1997)

•Highest qualifying: 6th in 1994 Indy 500; highest finish – 11th in 1992

•Set world record on closed-course for women reaching 225.722 mph during the 1995 Indy 500 qualification weekend

•Oldest driver in the field (53) at the 2000 Indy 500

•Raced in 15 Indy races including CART Championship and Indy Racing League. Scored 2 Top-10 qualifying spots; 1 Top-10 Finish