Erase and Restore

More than likely you're looking at this because someone from MacExperience directed you here. You have an iOS issue that needs to be corrected and we don't want to bring that "issue" back to your phone.  Please follow these instructions so that we can get everything back without the "issue".

The Steps

1. Turn on iCloud on your iOS device Settings > iCloud Be sure to have the items you want to come back are turned on.

2. Connect your iOS device to a computer running the most recent version of iTunes. iTunes should automatically launch, if not, launch iTunes now.

3. Select your iOS device in iTunes.

4. Click Summary and select Backup Up Now.

5. Once the backup is finished select Restore iPhone 

6. Your computer will then download new software for your iOS device. After the download is complete, your computer will erase everything from the phone, including the iOS, then install the freshly downloaded iOS to your your device.  Your device will then reboot.


8. It is now safe to disconnect your iOS device.

9. Now follow the steps on your iOS device. It will prompt you for language, wifi, iCloud and find my iPhone.  What ever you turned on in iCloud from step #1 should come back because you have entered your iCloud information.

10. That's it, you're done.  You now have a fresh iOS on your device.  Hopefully this addresses the issue that you were having with your phone.


A little history lesson

Did you know that iOS (that is the name of the mobile operating system on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod) is young.  It was first introduced in 2007 with the first iPhone.  When this blog was published, iOS was almost 7 years old. Compare that to a computer OS (operating system), Mac OS was released in January 1984, Windows in November of 1985.  So it's young and still has some growing up to do.  We have placed a lot of trust in our relatively young phones that tend to have more software issues than a computer. Please make sure you backup your iOS device regularly to the iCloud or to iTunes.