Goodbye Steve

I had the privilege of joining the MacExperience in its infancy, just before Christmas of 2001. I was the retail guy for the first year and a half of the company’s existence. I met many people who have continued to use our company over the years to buy their Macs, to have them worked on when needed, to get advice on how to best use them, both at home and in business. At one point, I left the company for several years to work with teenagers in a church, but never lost contact with the company or people at MacExperience. Joel Read is a long time good friend; we cannot get rid of each another. I rejoined the company over four years ago with the task of helping improve our business support relationships and to find new opportunities for our really smart team, connecting them to those that needed their expertise. I’ve come to know a lot of our business customers over the past four and a half years and would call many of you friends.

However, there has always been a calling that I’ve felt drawn to. A couple of years back, I began to fulfill that calling by serving kids and their families again on a volunteer basis. Several months ago, my wife and I began discussions regarding plans to make that my full time gig once again. Most of my life has been spent in ministry with teens, and I cannot seem to shake the beckoning to serve them. So I have accepted the call. Beginning January 1st, I will be in youth ministry and community service/global mission work.

I know that most of our business partners are connected with several of our business team members, so my leaving does not mean starting over with new connections at MacExperience. As a matter of fact, all of our B2B team has been with the company 7+ years, so you’ve likely had interactions with several of us. Joel has been assuming a larger role with our business team, passing along the retail store responsibility to others, so you are getting the big guns to take my place.

It has been my pleasure to work with so many of you and to see how you use Macs in your business. There is so much creativity and good work happening around our city, in Central Indiana and beyond. There are so very many in our community served by businesses and we, MacExperience, feel lucky to be able to help. People have jobs. The arts are alive. Research is making huge strides. The health networks are healing people. Business is alive and serving well. The tech industry is doing astounding things. Thank you so much for allowing me to see that through you. I’ll keep my eyes open for all of you in my new role. And, hey… If any of you want to take trip to serve underprivileged people in Honduras or elsewhere, come find me. I’ll be happy to put you to work.