Steve Sweeney - The Head Shot. Happy December CITRT friends! I wanted to send a little note to follow up on this year’s national round table. It’s been six weeks since many of us were together in Kansas City. I’m sure the ‘Let Me Google that for You’ solution has been employed too many times (and you wish you could have used it too many more)! Some of you I’ve met in passing at an event, some I’ve had brief contact with, some have become good friends.

I was able to bring my friend and the owner of the MacExperience with me this year & was happy to introduce a lot of you to him. I say my friend because we were connected long before the MacExperience was even an idea. We met at the church we both attended. I later became the youth minister at the church and Joel ended up as one of my key volunteers and advisors. His kids all passed through the ministry. When I left that position, he asked me to re-join his company (I had worked there at for a short time when he launched the MacExperience). He gave me freedom to see how we could serve the church community & has paid for my involvement in the CITRT over these past 4.5 years.

Because we are friends and he knows me, he’s known from the start there would be a strong chance I’d land back where I church ministry. Alas, that time has come. I have accepted the invitation from what has been my church home the past 3 years.

My last day with the MacExperience is December 31. At that point Joel will be the lead contact for CITRT. I do hope to continue my involvement and working to connect others to the group. I really do like you all.

I would like to offer a parting thought or two: First, I’d like you to start supporting or continue to support my friend in business. I know there is a lot of effort spent to find deals and to be careful with church dollars. Most of my life has been spent in ministry, so I get it. But don't just get your “free” support from CITRT supporting companies, buy from them, so they can stick around and stay in business. I’m also pretty sure MacMall doesn’t tithe! A quick accounting reminds me that Joel has invested at least $7500 into CITRT sponsorship and giveaways the past four years. Each time I’ve asked him about the level of sponsorship and involvement, he’s been the one to push to the higher amount. I could spend a couple of paragraphs telling some of the ways that Joel cares for the church, but not today. I can tell you in my ministries (new one included) buying from CITRT partners is my practice.

My second thought is that most of you have been blessed in your church with resources that many do not have. Please share. I know a lot of you do already, but continue. End of life equipment for you donated to a smaller organization is a big deal. Your mentoring or donating your knowledge and expertise, that could be huge too.

Thank you guys, for your support, your business and most importantly your prayers as I begin to serve in a different capacity.

Keeping Kingdom Minded, Steve

Steve Sweeney - As we know him