3 Reasons Your Mom Wants an iPad Mini (Even If She Doesn’t Know It Yet)

Mothers Day Header1 This Mother’s Day, get your mom what she actually wants. Flowers are nice and a card is thoughtful, but get her something she will use and enjoy all year long. Get her an iPad Mini from MacExperience. And don’t forget an awesome and stylish case!

1) Texting with iMessage. If your mom is a bit of a Luddite when it comes to her current cell phone plan, she may not have a texting option. With the iPad Mini, she can connect with iMessage over WiFi and now can text without changing her cell phone plan.

2) Screen real estate. You may hear your mom complain about how small screens are on phones, and how she can’t text, hit the right icons or read words on it. Well, with the 7.9-inch screen, she will have plenty of Retina Display real estate with crystal-clear definition and large text.

3) Apps, apps and apps. Facebook is so much more fun on an iPad and iPad mini. Apps like Instagram, Pandora, Netflix and eReaders will definitely make sure you mom gets use out of her iPad Mini.

So skip the flowers, bag the chocolates and keep your hands off of her stove this year. Give your mom the gift she really wants: an iPad Mini.

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