Games and Stormtroopers: 3 Easter Eggs Hidden On Your Mac

We all know that the wonderful magicians that make computers work tend to be...shall we say...a little eccentric. And apparently some of them spend their days throwing in little hidden games and items in the computer code. These are commonly called “Easter Eggs.” And here are three of the coolest ones on your Mac.

Warning: Try This At Home! Not at work, because you just know your boss will walk up behind you at the worst possible moment.

Play Tetris

It’s a no-frills version of the game, but it’s Tetris alright. To play this game simply open up Terminal and type “emacs” and press Return. Then press and hold “esc” and then tap “x” - finally type in “tetris” and press return and enjoy.

Tetris Mac

Play Snake

Follow the same instructions as above, only type in “snake” in place of “tetris.”


Watch Star Wars Episode IV in ASCII

This is a crazy one. So, if you open Terminal and type “telnet” and press Return, you’ll see a recreation of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope played out in ASCII. It’s strangely hypnotic to watch.

Star Wars Mac

If you’re too lazy to follow the instructions, you can see a small demo of what it looks like in this cruddy YouTube video.

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