That Time Matt Groening Illustrated for Apple

The Simpsons, created by (at the time, relatively unknown underground) cartoonist Matt Groening, debuted in 1989. In its 24th season, it is now the longest running sitcom and the longest running scripted primetime show in American history. Prior to The Simpsons premiere in 1989, Groening created an illustrated booklet for Apple as a way to market to college students titled, “Who Needs a Computer Anyway?” The stylistic similarities between this brochure and Simpsons characters is easily seen.

Groening Simpsons has also uncovered additional Groening works for Apple in the ‘80s, like this awkward Akbar ‘n’ Jeff’s Communications Hut and Bongo’s Dream Dorm, which shows what ‘80s stoner college kids thought was heaven.

Bongos Dream Dorm2

Today, Apple is a common target of The Simpsons’ cultural satire, hiding under the auspicious name “Mapple,” but the ties between Groening and Apple go back nearly 25 years.


And today, there’s much that hasn’t changed between Apple and college students. Between iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, Apple is a very popular tech brand among college kids who want reliability, ease of use, and, of course, the best-designed products in the computer marketplace.

That’s why two of our four Indiana MacExperience locations are situated right on college epicenters in Bloomington and next to IUPUI, delivering Certified Apple Care on your Mac products, including data recovery and storage solutions.

So stop in, see us and give us your best Homer Simpson impression, and if we love it enough, we’ll give you a high five.