Employee Spotlight: John Feasel

JOhn copy MacExperience is locally owned. We provide Apple Certified care, warranty repairs, out-of-warranty repairs, new Apple products, business solutions and accessories -- but with all Hoosier employees and owners.

In the first part of a series of employee profiles, we’re introducing John, a store manager in our Greenwood Park Mall location. Get to know John here, and come meet John in our store. We think you’ll like him.

My name is important to me. My parents gave me the name John after my great-grandfather. I guess it was a way for a legacy to be remembered.

The truth be told, though, I never met the guy; he passed away before I was born, and my parents have not told me very much about him.

I've wondered about his personality and if I have any of his characteristics.

Was he a screwball? (Sometimes my mom calls me a screwball.) Did he demand attention from people? (I like attention.) Was he a ground breaker? (I've been known to start a few things.) Did he love the outdoors? (I do.)

I have no idea.

I don't know much about my great-grandfather, but thankfully, with help from my iPhone, iPad and social networks, those who come after me won’t be left wondering about me.

Live right, help others, have fun, serve God ... and post those things online. By doing so, there will always be a way for people -- and my family, especially -- to remember me.