Where Do Most iPhone Accidents Occur in the Home?

Toilet isolatedWhat would you say is the most dangerous place in your home when it comes to protecting your iPhone? Where is the damage most likely to occur?We have heard horror stories of iPhones unceremoniously being dropped into toilets. It is true, according to Squaretrade, 9% of iPhone owners have dropped their phone into the toilet. But yet the bathroom only accounts for 16% of damages to the iPhones in the home.

Maybe the driveway has this dubious honor? Holding your phone while you fumble with your keys or try and put the kids in their car seats or the dreaded “I just left my phone on top of my car as a drove away” moment is dangerous, but these only accounts of 10% of iPhone accidents in the home.

In fact, the most common place for iPhone accidents is in the kitchen. This fact makes sense when you consider you have hot stoves, wet sinks, food and slippery hands all while you’re trying to read a recipe, answer texts or take pictures of your dinner. 21% of accidents occur in the kitchen.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common areas for damages:

  • Kitchen 21%
  • Living Room 18%
  • Bathroom 16%
  • Driveway 10%
  • Bedroom 8%

The Case for Protecting Your iPhone Unless you’re the person who never makes a mistake, you’ll want a really good iPhone case. We carry a wide range of cases ranging from the slim and sexy to the “you can spike this like a football after chugging a beer and it won’t even phase it” kinds. What’s most important is that you get a case that absorbs shock, protects against spills and keeps dust from getting inside your phone.

Come in to one of our four Indiana retail locations and ask our awesome service reps what case is the best for you. Don’t become one of these statistics with an avoidable accident. We all drop our phone from time to time, but whether or not it survives the fall depends on whether you come visit a MacExperience first.