5 Great Kid Apps for iPad

Kid Friendly Apps for iPadiPads are great for kids. It’s probably not wise for children to play on them all day, but when they do, here are some ideas for fun, entertaining and educational apps for their curious minds. 1) 123 Color HD: Talking Coloring Book Learning numbers, letters, shapes and colors has never been so exciting. This app allows children to color by number while learning four different languages. Voice-overs, music, sound effects and animation add to its entertainment value.

2) Star Walk HD - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide This constellation app allows you to gaze at the stars without going outside. Wherever you point your iPad, the screen will fill up with constellations that are in that area of the sky. It might be designed for an older audience, but even 5 year olds will know how to use and enjoy the app.

3) Stack the States This app makes it fun to learn about U.S. geography. While playing, kids learn state capitals, state facts, state abbreviations and state locations. Elementary-school students will love the app, and their parents will, too.

4) Mathtopia+ Needless to say, this game app is about math. It’s a race against the clock to identify multiple equations that share the same answer (for example: [3+1], [2x2], [4/1]). The sounds and colors will make math enjoyable!

5) Fruit Ninja This app isn’t exactly educational, unless you count building “finger-eye coordination.” The premise is to slice every piece of fruit that appears on the screen and earn points. It has appealing graphics, and it is easy enough for a 3 year old.