A Toddler Toilet Trainer Built for iPads?

Gadget Show iPottyThe annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is one of the largest and most exciting tech shows in the world. Companies show off their latest gadgets and home theater equipment and demo what will be coming down the line in the future. While Apple typically holds their own events and doesn’t make a splash at CES, other companies will still show off their products made for Apple devices.

Which brings us to one of the more, shall we say, "intriguing" products at the 2013 show, the iPotty.

Every child learns potty training their own way. Some get it quickly, while some may struggle with the concept (and who can blame them, we all should be so lucky to relieve ourselves whenever we want).

But one thing that just about every toddler has in common is a love of an iPad. The iPotty is a potty training device that lets your young one “gape and paw at the iPad while taking care of business in the old-fashioned part of the plastic potty.”

There are existing potty training apps that encourage children, even one featuring Elmo.

Or maybe they just want to play their favorite game while doing the deed. Either way, the iPotty is a wacky option for parents who think their tech-saavy child needs a bit of digital encouragement to say goodbye to diapers once and for all.

Pediatricians recommend that children under 2 have no screen time on TVs, computers or mobile devices and limit to just a few hours per day for children over than that. So just allow your child to enjoy the iPad limited amounts per day and keep offer time as a reward for good behavior.

The company says the iPotty is going to be released on Amazon in March for $39.99. While we we won’t be carrying it at MacExperience, we’ll be interested to reviews from parents and kids alike.

Photo courtesy of the AP.