Apple iCloud Features for your Family

AooYou hear about iCloud, but do you know what it can do? Photos When you have iCloud turned on, taking a picture with your iPhone will automatically put the image in your iPhoto on your iMac or MacBook. This allows you to edit, organize and store your photos in multiple places or to clear space on your iPhone when the images are safely stored elsewhere.

Music/Videos/iTunes If you have a collection of iPods, iPads and iPhones, your iTunes purchases can be instantly downloaded to all devices when you buy something or you can keep your purchases in the cloud and have them available for download across devices. So you can start a TV show on your iPhone and finish it later from your iPad.

Did You Know: iTunes Match will let you backup all of your music, not just your iTunes purchases, and make them accessible in the cloud for just $24.99 a year. So if you have a lot of CDs you have imported or songs you’ve purchased from another site, you may consider this small investment should you suffer a stolen computer or a hard drive failure.

Calendar The Calendar is one of the most underused features of Apple devices. You can share calendars with other members of your family or work, you can have multiple color-coded categorical calendars for yourself and set reminders so you don’t forget the time of a child’s baseball game. With iCloud you can simply add an event and it will sync with other devices so spouses can be on the same page.

There are plenty of other great uses for iCloud including documents and your apps. To find out more visit Apple’s iCloud page.

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