Design Trends to Inspire

Column 5 Even with an intuitive iMac, designer’s block is inevitable. You know -- the invisible shield that only allows your frustration to penetrate. Breaking through the barrier can be difficult at times. However, keeping up with today’s trends can significantly decrease your creative blockage.

Below are some trending design topics that might help you defeat your designer’s block. If these don’t spur your creativity, they might lead you somewhere that will.


Infographics are everywhere online. Infographics turn complicated data into compelling, easy-to-read information. Column Five is a main player in the infographics world. Its website is littered with data visualization and interactive infographics. Recently, the site received some popularity from its “In Caffeine We Trust” poster, which cycled through the blogosphere. If you are interested in finding more infographics, check out


Typography/font design is a booming trend these days. And one particular letterer is turning heads: Jessica Hische. She is everywhere. You’ve probably seen her work without realizing it. Her work is on book covers, in magazines and on the big screen (as seen in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom). For a broader range of styles, browse through From Up North. The site has an endless supply of inspiration.

Packaging design

Currently, there are many good things coming from package design. The Dieline is a great way to seek out those trends. The Dieline spotlights packaging projects submitted by professionals and students. The featured projects showcase many design styles that are sure to spark your creative juices.