Free Apps for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

AppsWant some help sticking to your New Year’s Resolution this year? Your iPhone and iPad have apps that are built to help you stay on track in 2013. Here are a list of common resolutions, like saving money, losing weight or quitting smoking, as well as the best free app that will help you along your journey. Save Money Mint - The quintessential budgeting app, Mint connects with your credit cards and bank statements and shows you where your money is going. You can set a monthly food and drink budget, clothes or entertainment budget and more, and then track your purchases in one easy app.

Lose Weight Lose It! - In one app, you can track your calorie budget by tracking how many you are eating as well as how many you are burning off during exercise. Scan barcodes from the food you buy at the grocery store and all nutritional information will be pulled directly into the app.

Quit Smoking My Quit Coach - Set goals for quitting smoking by going cold turkey or by setting up a path that gradually decreases your smoking habit. Motivational tips and photos will help keep you on track.

Organize Your Life Astrid - We all need help remembering tasks in our daily life. Pay the bills, pick up bagels for the morning meeting, etc. Astrid syncs between your Google Tasks and iCal and sends alerts an hour before your task is due so you won’t forget.

Learn A Foreign Language Babbel - Learning a foreign language is extremely difficult; however, Babbel’s simple design and flexible learning methods are a good start. Choose from 11 languages including German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian and Swedish, and get ready for your upcoming overseas business trip or vacation.